Voice is Huge, and Iterate is Smack in the Middle of It

Posted by Andrea Silva

Voice search is changing our world. And for retailers, the trend creates a transformative opportunity.

Voice shopping, for instance, is expected to grow to $40 billion by 2022, up from $2 billion today.  About 13% of U.S. households have smart speakers today; but within three years, that number may jump to 55%, according to a report by OC&C Strategy Consultants. These users tend to be younger, wealthier and more likely to live in “family” households with children.

Improvements in AI could enable deep personalization as well. Eventually, artificial intelligence will improve so much that an Echo device could analyze a person’s voice to determine if they’re happy, they’re bored or devices can personalize messages and experiences accordingly.

To help companies stay on top of the trend, Iterate’s team recently descended on annual Voice Summit in New Jersey this month.

Our PhD inventor John Selvadurai (who’s specialty is AI and IoT) took the stage at the summit to explain the power of a powerful microservice app that he and his team built a software platform called Interplay. He demonstrated how large enterprise companies are now building voice apps using Iterate and the drag-and-drop coding tools and pre-wrapped APIs. The tools let you build a new voice apps five to 15 times faster. Think: Scratch for enterprise companies. 

Meanwhile, Iterate’s AI experts competed in a Hackathon at the Voice Summit too, and they built a voice bot in just four hours using Interplay. When the team revealed the inner workings of their code, the Hackathon judges argued that it wasn’t “code.” That was the whole point: easy coding without any kind of code-building.

Iterate’s work at the Voice Summit caught the attention from industry experts, who were intrigued by the idea of an app for faster, cheaper, easier prototyping. In fact, Interplay lets us code five to 15 times after than traditional coding methods.

Find out more about Interplay here.


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