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The Low-Code Revolution

In 2019, the low-code market was estimated to be $10.3 billion. In 10 years from now, it is expected to grow 17x to worth $187 billion. With the low code revolution well underway, it’s time to get on board.  IterateOn’s event, Low Code Revolution, focused on the recent resurgence of

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How to Build an Enterprise Grade Chatbot in 10 Days

We built a smart chatbot in less than two weeks that processes thousands of inquiries each day. We did so with our rapid prototyping platform Interplay, where we are able to quickly snap together an AI engine, a training data set, ties to the order management and inventory management systems,

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Where Good Ideas Come From: An IterateOn Discussion

Did you know that there is an actual mathematical formula that can predict the ‘creativity’ in a city?   IterateOn’s event, Where Good Ideas Come From, focused on the creation of ideas and what type of environment is needed to cultivate these ideas. Many key concepts discussed were inspired by a

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The Evolution of Loyalty

If used effectively, loyalty programs can generate as much as 20% of a company’s total profits. In addition, 84% of consumers say they’re more inclined to stick with a brand that offers a loyalty program.  Loyalty programs used to be nearly exclusively a way of offering incentives such as rewards

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The Slow Hunch

The best ideas do not always come out of a “aha!” moment. Instead, many of them are formed through a process known as a slow hunch, as explained by Steven Johnson in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From. What’s a “Slow Hunch?” It is incredibly rare for someone to suddenly

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How SMS is Changing E-Commerce in 2021

Compared to the retail industry standard of 18.39% open rate for emails, on average, 97% of text messages are read within 15 minutes of delivery.  SMS, or Short Message Service, is one of the most effective channels for businesses to reach customers. This method allows customers to receive permission-based promotional

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How Sensors are Changing the World

Sensors produce over 20 exabytes of data each year (that’s 20 billion gigabytes), but much of it is going unused. You have at least a dozen of these sensors on your smartphone. Edge computing will begin to tap into all this data to make smarter devices all around you.  IterateOn’s

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Low-Code Platforms Can Leverage the Five forces Driving Innovation

We see Five Forces driving innovation in the coming years, and we have a way of leveraging them using low-code: AI continues its rise to solve problems in ways we’ve never seen before The Internet of Things will begin to feel a lot more real as devices beyond our phones

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Inclusion Takes More Than Diversity: An IterateOn Discussion

IterateOn’s Inclusify event sought to answer questions about inclusion and discuss the importance of feeling belonging and uniqueness in the workplace.

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How Rapid Experimentation Can Make You a More Innovative Company

Rapid experimentation leads you to base your decisions on data over opinion. Experiment with what matters most to your customers and your business.

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