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Interplay Low-Code and Gaming

Interplay excels at connecting a wide array of tools for game development

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Synthetic Data is Here

Synthetic data is a method of combating the lack of data by compensating the existing datasets with high accuracy.

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The Fourth Wave of Enterprise Software

The 4th wave of industrial cloud will reply on low-code and AI

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Can AI Be Biased? Some Actions to Take

AI engines are only as good as the data sets used to train them.

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Corporate Investments and M&A for Startups: Recap

Grabbing the attention of VCs for funding isn’t always easy, even if your startup is flawless and ready to go.

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The Low-Code Revolution

In 2019, the low-code market was estimated to be $10.3 billion. In 10 years from now, it is expected to

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How to Build an Enterprise Grade Chatbot in 10 Days

We built a smart chatbot in less than two weeks that processes thousands of inquiries each day. We did so

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Where Good Ideas Come From: An IterateOn Discussion

Did you know that there is an actual mathematical formula that can predict the ‘creativity’ in a city?   IterateOn’s event,

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The Evolution of Loyalty

If used effectively, loyalty programs can generate as much as 20% of a company’s total profits. In addition, 84% of

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The Slow Hunch

The best ideas do not always come out of a “aha!” moment. Instead, many of them are formed through a

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