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Inclusion Takes More Than Diversity: An IterateOn Discussion

IterateOn’s Inclusify event sought to answer questions about inclusion and discuss the importance of feeling belonging and uniqueness in the workplace.

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Potential Solutions for problems posed by Netflix’s docudrama: The Social Dilemma

Potential Solutions for problems posed by Netflix’s docudrama: The Social Dilemma In 2019, CNN reported, “US teens use screens more than seven hours a day on average — and that’s not including school work.”  What’s the impact of that behavior — good and bad? How can businesses help make the

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How Rapid Experimentation Can Make You a More Innovative Company

Rapid experimentation leads you to base your decisions on data over opinion. Experiment with what matters most to your customers and your business.

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CES is over. Here are the biggest trends of 2020.

It’s been three weeks since CES 2020 ended and we hope you’ve caught your breath by now. The three-day consumer tech conference is considered the global stage for innovation. Thousands of companies (including Apple – for the first since 1992!) vie for the attention of hundreds of thousands of attendees.

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Digitize to Survive: 4 Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

In a time where you’re no longer allowed to visit all but the essential shops, your digital frontier has become the lifeblood of your business.

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13 Tech Trends to Look Out For in 2020

Last year, we predicted that the number of AI acquisitions would increase significantly in 2019. And it did! So we decided to take it a step further this year and give you our 2020 tech predictions. These are the trends that we believe will be most prominent in 2020, based on what we’re

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What are the Benefits of Low-Code Development Platforms?

Low-code platforms take a visual approach to app development. They provide drag-and-drop components, connectors to various back-ends and services, and model-driven logic through a graphical user interface.

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The One Tech Trend Missing From Everyone’s Predictions

Microservices represent a way of building software. It’s the one trend that accelerates progress in AI, blockchain, the IoT, and many other emerging technologies.

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What to Expect from your Next Venture Capital Term Sheet

One of the key documents you’ll deal with as a startup founder? The venture capital term sheet.  Think of the term sheet as a marriage between your company and its investors. It forms the blueprint for when your lawyers come in and create a legally-binding document. It also covers two

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Iterate Team Wows at Voice Summit

Iterate’s team descended on the Voice Summit in New Jersey this summer, wowing hackathon judges with voice applications and demonstrating the power of its powerful software-development tool, Interplay.

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