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Kelly Humphreys
Workplace Channel Manager, Americas
Brandon Grant
Iterate Studio Inc Interface Design - Web and Mobile
Staci Scott
The Warehouse Ltd. Digital Project Manager
Jordan Alexander
Helcim Head of Marketing
Mark Van Der Heijden
Capgemini Digital Innovation Lead - Capgemini FS Benelux
Todd Ames
adidas Senior Manager, Digital Innovation

About Iterate.ai

Located in Silicon Valley and Denver-Boulder, Iterate.ai supports Open Innovation and rapid fire experimentation in the digital space. Iterate discovers and curates emerging technologies, then implements proof-of-concept tests (a.k.a. proof-of-value tests) for a global partner base. Close partners include a few dozen large companies representing beauty, media, accessories and apparel, DIY, and footwear categories representing $600 billion in revenue. For large companies, Iterate reduces the time, costs and risks associated with analyzing and deploying innovative startup technologies. At the same time, startups get special visibility and credibility. Sign up today for the free version of Iterate.ai. Entrepreneurs and founders … add your startup here.
For other inquiries please contact hello@iteratestudio.com.