Innovation software and ecosystems powered by real AI

Our platform offers enterprises an integrated approach to identify signals within trends, monitor 1,050,227 emerging technology solutions, and build pilot-ready applications up to 10x faster.

Examples of solutions built with Interplay: Curbside Pickup | Touchless Checkout | Voice Activation Words | Voice Branded NLP Vocabulary | Next-Gen Platforms | Digital Communities | AI-Based Chatbots

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We are a digital innovation lab

Execution Cloud

Build production ready digital applications 10x faster with Interplay

Our Interplay middleware platform provides the simplest and quickest way to build complex applications.

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Interplay middleware UI

Low-code, drag and drop microservices and middleware to build complex AI applications in minutes.

Interplay middleware UI

Design, build and deploy voice assistants with a single app for both Alexa and Google home.

Interplay middleware UI

Harness the five forces of innovation on a single platform (AI, IoT, Blockchain, Startups and Voice)

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Evaluation Cloud

  • State of the art curation powered by 1,050,227 startups and innovation providers

    Iterate's Evaluation Cloud is powered by our proprietary AI search engine which uses a neural network to create associations between the startups in our database to find that uniquely qualified solution - the needle in the haystack.


    See How Our Innovation Platform Works

    Proprietary Platform (Software)

    We index 1,050,227 startups in our patent-pending, end-to-end Innovation Workflow Platform. Includes trend monitoring, custom technology grading, and a drag-n-drop Microservices development environment that speeds up prototyping and implementation by 6X to 15X.

    Expert Guidance (Services)

    We help you navigate today’s most complex digital opportunities. We combine our bias for speed, experimentation, and action with our team's deep technical expertise in AI, IoT, and other Emerging Tech, and with insights from our network of innovators in companies like ULTA and Jockey. The result? We help you get there, fast.

    10+ global enterprises and 100+ startups speed up experimentation with PilotPass®

    • "What Iterate is doing totally makes sense for (businesses competing in the digital world), large and small. The value of getting innovation as it hits the market versus waiting for three years is enormous in today’s rapidly evolving world."

      Endeca, acquired by Oracle

      ~ Steve Papa, founder/CEO of Endeca, acquired by Oracle for $1.1 billion in 2011 (Boston, USA); currently Founder / CEO Parallel Wireless

      steva papa
    • "We are super excited to have set up a partnership with, an innovation/curation company that's based in Silicon Valley. In their (curation) work with us, is initially focused on five areas: ID management/fraud, authentication/identity, user interactions, debt collection, and building capabilities in the workforce."


      ~ Adele Every, Innovation and Portfolio Director, BREXIT lead at HMRC (British Government), Capgemini (London, United Kingdom)

      adel avery
    • "The entire innovation workflow happens inside Inside the Curate section of Iterate, we issue Challenges. Startups apply to work with us as we work alongside Iterate and it's AI-based search capabilities to scout and filter through the noise. We put all the startups -- and the incumbents -- into a Collection. Then we go through a grading process as we narrow down to that perfect technology fit -- the one that will best improve our business KPIs."


      ~ Leigh Stuart, Innovation & Partnerships Lead, Kingfisher Digital, Kingfisher PLC ($15 billion home improvement retailer based in the UK)

      leigh stuart
    • "Curate makes scouting, collecting and grading startups a highly organized process. When we trial a startup, leveraging PilotPass allows us to bypass several steps procurement and legal. Beyond getting a speed improvement, it saves time and money for the startup and us."


      ~ Tim McCue, VIce President eCommerce & D2C technology, Jockey International, Inc.

      tim mccue
    • "I was in e-commerce for 14 years and have long believed that level of "noise" in the industry makes it very difficult for retailers to find the true ”value signals". Iterate allows enterprise executives focus on emerging startups that are making a real difference in this industry."

      ~ Simon Mutlu, Slack (Silicon Valley, USA), formerly with Liveclicker, Reflektion

      simon multu
    • "While Interplay was first built as a Microservices-based Digital Prototyping platform, it can now be used in production within Universal Commerce Suite -- an Omni-Channel Commerce solution powered by IBM WebSphere Commerce which delivers scalability, powerful personalization and flexibility for midsized and Enterprise organizations. We can now move assets built for a prototype in Interplay into the Universal Commerce production environment."


      ~ Manohar Durai, CEO, Cnetric Enterprise Solutions (Vienna, VA, USA; Bangalore, India)

      manohar durai
    • "Iterate helps large companies harness digital innovations and will allow Ulta to tap into technology talents by curating technology partnership opportunities. the company will enable Ulta rapid prototyping and gives the retailer access to the startups most suited to Ulta's needs."

      How Ulta Is Harnessing Digital Innovation to Modernize the Customer Experience By Jamie Grill-Goodman - 12/10/2018

      Jamie Grill-Goodman, Managing Editor, RIS News

      manohar durai

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