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Iterate's platform includes two clouds. Organizations use Iterate to simplify and speed up the complex, ambiguous innovation process. We enable programmatic innovation.

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We are a digital innovation lab
Evaluation Cloud

Evaluation Cloud

Think Tank

AI-infused platform for evaluating innovation solutions with 1.2M emerging tech startups, idea orchestration, intrapreneur programs, and real-time trend intelligence.

Products: Signals, Curate, Intrapreneur and Challenge Programs, Startup Applications


Startups Indexed for discovery and comparison


Patents tracked to evaluate startups and enterprise solutions


Collections to compare and grade technology solutions

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Evaluation Cloud

Execution Cloud

Do Tank

With 465 pre-built, drag-n-drop components, from enterprise connectors to transfer learning, this middleware provides the simplest way to prototype and deploy digital solutions 10x faster.

Products: Interplay Digital Prototyper, Interplay Middleware, PilotPass


Faster than traditional development methods


APIs wrapped into Interplay for fast digital prototyping


Interplay Apps in production operating as modern middleware

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  • Quotemark

    "We were able to rapidly build, pilot and iterate on a digital solution that is enabling virtual parties for our unique business model leveraging Interplay"

    Shiv Dutt Vice President Digital Experience & Innovation at Pampered Chef.
    Shiv Dutt

    Vice President Digital Experience & Innovation, Pampered Chef, a Berkshire Hathaway Company

  • Quotemark

    "We've used Interplay low-code platform to build complicated natural language AI solutions, such as answering questions about our Jockey Forever Fit bra line."

    Tim McCue VP North American Ecommerce & Digital Jockey International.
    Tim McCue

    Vice President North American Ecommerce & Digital, Jockey International

  • Quotemark

    "What I value the most is definitely the knowledge of the tech landscape and the ecosystem, the ability to do deep dive reviews of existing solutions and map solutions out. Your team is always very structured and diligent."


    Executive from $11 billion DTC company after working 1 year with Iterate

    Some Iterate Members request anonymity because Iterate’s work is often private and secret.

  • Quotemark

    "Iterate's lack of knowledge about our industry -- real estate -- was a plus because you weren’t constrained by how we've done it historically..."


    Executive from a real estate company after working 6 months with Iterate

    Some Iterate Members request anonymity because Iterate’s work is often private and secret.

  • Quotemark

    "What I value is the trust we have in you. You help us see around the corner and navigate the tech/digital space in an unbiased and straightforward way."


    SVP of Marketing and Chief Digital Officer from a $2 billion retailer after working utilizing Iterate for 3 years

    Some Iterate Members request anonymity because Iterate’s work is often private and secret.

  • Quotemark

    "What Iterate is doing totally makes sense for (businesses competing in the digital world), large and small. The value of getting innovation as it hits the market versus waiting for three years is enormous in today’s rapidly evolving world."

    Steve Papa founder/CEO of Endeca currently founder CEO Parallel Wireless.
    Steve Papa

    Founder/CEO of Endeca, acquired by Oracle for $1.1 billion in 2011 (Boston, USA); currently Founder / CEO Parallel Wireless

  • Quotemark

    "I was in e-commerce for 14 years and have long believed that level of "noise" in the industry makes it very difficult for retailers to find the true ”value signals". Iterate allows enterprise executives focus on emerging startups that are making a real difference in this industry."

    Simon Mutlu Slack formerly with Liveclicker, Reflektion.
    Simon Mutlu

    Slack (Silicon Valley, USA), formerly with Liveclicker, Reflektion

  • Quotemark

    "While Interplay was first built as a Microservices-based Digital Prototyping platform, it can now be used in production within Universal Commerce Suite -- an Omni-Channel Commerce solution powered by IBM WebSphere Commerce which delivers scalability, powerful personalization and flexibility for midsized and Enterprise organizations. We can now move assets built for a prototype in Interplay into the Universal Commerce production environment"

    Manohar Durai CEO, Cnetric Enterprise Solutions.
    Manohar Durai

    CEO, Cnetric Enterprise Solutions (Vienna, VA, USA; Bangalore, India)

  • Quotemark

    "Iterate helps large companies harness digital innovations and will allow Ulta to tap into technology talents by curating technology partnership opportunities. the company will enable Ulta rapid prototyping and gives the retailer access to the startups most suited to Ulta's needs."

    Jamie Grill-Goodman Managing Editor RIS News.
    Jamie Grill-Goodman

    Managing Editor, RIS News

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