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Low-Code Platforms Can Leverage the Five forces Driving Innovation

We see Five Forces driving innovation in the coming years, and we have a way of leveraging them using low-code: AI continues its rise to solve problems in ways we’ve never seen before The Internet of Things will begin to feel a lot more real as devices beyond our phones

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The One Tech Trend Missing From Everyone’s Predictions

Microservices represent a way of building software. It’s the one trend that accelerates progress in AI, blockchain, the IoT, and many other emerging technologies.

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Augmented Reality, Emerging Tech and Startups Galore in London

As Iterate’s CEO and cofounder, I recently had the privilege to land in Great Britain as a representative of the city of Denver for the annual London Tech Week— an international whirlwind of 58,000 attendees and more than 300 events that brought together executives from all over the world. Here’s what I learned.

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Five Mistakes Made When Working with Startups: Learn How to Open the Door to Groundbreaking Innovation

By Jon Nordmark, CEO/cofounder of Iterate.ai It’s no secret that small startups hold an important key to innovation for large retailers. But in 2019, collaborating with startups must become a priority for those companies that want to stay ahead of the curve and innovate in the age of artificial intelligence.

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Smart Companies Will Take a Cue from Mathematics to Win in 2019

Linear Planning Won’t Work. Just ask Amazon. By Jon Nordmark, CEO/co-founder of Iterate.ai Amazon is laying the groundwork for world domination. With a $22 billion R&D budget, 7,000 new AI hires, and 13 new AI acquisitions over the last several years, Amazon aims an army of AI-fueled brainpower and unprecedented

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iterateOn webinar: The Future of Retail Powered by Blockchain

From Supply Chain Management, to Marketing and Product Design, crypto is poised to disrupt every aspect of retail.  But what are the major trends to watch? Whos’ really driving innovation and who’s just producing crypto theater? Join Lou Kerner co-founder of Cryptooracle.io and recognized Global crypto thought leader as he shares his perspective

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Why IoT, PII, blockchain + AI rank as high priorities @ Amazon

By Jon Nordmark, CEO, co-founder @ Iterate.ai & eBags.com; Linkedin Top Voice 2017 As Amazon acquires #IoT #startups like the Blink security doorbell (Q4 ’17), #Amazon actively works on blockchain + launches AI-based products like DeepLens. While blockchain, AI, and IoT are interesting unto themselves, the combo of the three is powerful and a

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