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Iterate Team Wows at Voice Summit

Iterate’s team descended on the Voice Summit in New Jersey this summer, wowing hackathon judges with voice applications and demonstrating the power of its powerful software-development tool, Interplay.

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Voice is Huge, and Iterate is Smack in the Middle of It

Amazon, Apple, and Google are investing billions to ensure that we communicate with the Internet through our voice. The Voice Revolution has been called the biggest technology shift since Steve Jobs launched the iPhone. Fortune Magazine reports that Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and others are putting money into competing voice

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Augmented Reality, Emerging Tech and Startups Galore in London

As Iterate’s CEO and cofounder, I recently had the privilege to land in Great Britain as a representative of the city of Denver for the annual London Tech Week— an international whirlwind of 58,000 attendees and more than 300 events that brought together executives from all over the world. Here’s what I learned.

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Drag-n-Drop Innovation

Want to see the future of innovation?Embrace microservices. By 2022, 90% of all new apps will feature microservices architectures. They’ll lead to better design, easier updates and debugging and will leverage third-party code.

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What We Do for Enterprise Companies

We’ve built a team of the sharpest minds in tech, business and entrepreneurship and combined them with unique and powerful proprietary tools. Together, Iterate infuses intelligent strategy, cutting edge tech and entrepreneurial thinking into large enterprises, launching them miles ahead of the competition. We get innovation done.

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What We Do for Startups

So you’ve had that a-ha idea. You recruited the team, built and tested the tech.  Maybe you even landed investment dollars. You’re going to change the world. You just need to prove it.

And that means getting the attention of the right customer and actually signing a contract and starting a trial … It could take months. Years, even. How do you even begin?

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Buying with Pictures: Philly-based Slyce.it Builds Visual Search for Retailers

Photos of products is the most popular things people do with their phones inside stores, even more popular than checking product reviews and comparison shopping, according to research by ComScore. That, Mann believed, was a huge opportunity for retailers.

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Smart Companies Will Take a Cue from Mathematics to Win in 2019

Linear Planning Won’t Work. Just ask Amazon. By Jon Nordmark, CEO/co-founder of Iterate.ai Amazon is laying the groundwork for world domination. With a $22 billion R&D budget, 7,000 new AI hires, and 13 new AI acquisitions over the last several years, Amazon aims an army of AI-fueled brainpower and unprecedented

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