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We respect everyone

We respect all people equally, regardless of their role in our organization, a startup, or an enterprise. We treat each other with professionalism and dignity. We believe that diverse and inclusive teams foster the best learning and innovation. We seek and embrace the best data and the best ideas, no matter the source. We actively push to be unbiased and inclusive, which builds our trust in each other, trust in our clients, and trust in our company.


We believe startups improve R&D

We believe each large organization should decrease risks and costs by turning the startup community (and its $100 million annual investment) into its corporate R&D lab. We are determined to find game-changing solutions and to simplify and speed up collaboration.


We improve collaboration

Technologies are increasingly complex. Thus, collaboration with third parties, often startups, is increasingly important. We build experimentation and integration techniques (PilotPass and Interplay™) that allow startups and large enterprises to work together seamlessly, at a lower cost, and faster.


We believe in automation

Threats and changing consumer expectations originate from every corner of the globe today. Proactive automation can help thwart threats, making companies more efficient and reslient. As such, we seek emerging technologies to automate a wide array of activities -- from batch processing to cloud management to personalization. Our members even use Interplay™ and PilotPass to automate the innovation cycle.


We believe in AI

We believe AI is not only an automation tool but that it also provides a competitive advantage. For Members, we build custom AI-based NLP vocabularies, AI-loaded recommendation tools, AI-based chatbots, AI-driven voice assistants. Many of the Interplay™ components leveraged by our Members include AI. AI can reduce expenses and improve revenues.


We are creators

We are a company of dot-connecting creators. We invent solutions that address our Members’ unique needs. While soldiers (operators) ensure a company’s core business runs error-free, creators (artists) future-proof a company. Both roles are essential. That said, Iterators are creators.


We are open-minded

We believe being open-minded helps us find unique solutions. We talk with fascinating people from diverse backgrounds every day. A cable company didn’t invent Netflix. A retailer didn’t invent Amazon. A hotelier didn’t invent AirBnB. An element of surprise and wonder could be around any corner.


We believe in parallel progress

Innovation should deliver both incremental improvements and edge-based leapfrogs at the same time. It’s not a one-shot, and you’re done. Best-in-class companies continuously optimize core capabilities while simultaneously seeking breakthroughs.


We believe in leapfrogs

We believe all companies need to embrace leapfrogging. Yet, most – 74% – wait two years before even responding to a threat. We believe that our Members need to create those threats – putting competitors on their heels – by placing big bets. Us Iterators are inspired, instinctual thinkers who work outside of our comfort zones, connecting the dots, using a sixth sense as we join hands with our proactive and inventive Members.


We scale the unscalable

We've tackled complex projects - ones cast aside by others due to complexity. Iterate's solved perplexing problems in Healthcare and Energy verticals by applying outsider thinking, microservices, and AI.


We believe in speed

We seek quick pilots and rapid deployments to production. As a result, we built a patent-pending microservices environment (Interplay™) because it speeds up product development up to 10X. If it’s faster to run an experiment than do a spreadsheet, we run the experiment.


We are doers - and doer doers

We are not a company of managers who oversee doers. To guard against sluggishness or inaction, protect against groupthink and unnecessary costs, we cut out bureaucracy. We're a team of doers and doer doers.


We believe in 10,000 experiments

We believe in the 10,000 pilots rule rather than the 10,000 hours rule. If you double your experiments, you’re likely to double your success rate. We believe in architecting your firm for high-velocity, high-volume trials. The more you experiment, the more data you gather, the more knowledge you acquire, the wiser you become.


We believe in data

We make informed, objective decisions. Once in experiment or pilot mode, we measure, quantify, and assess. We take an iterative approach, acting fast on data we've collected, then tune and course-correct as more data flows.


We are truth seekers

We know claims made by solution providers are not always accurate. To reduce uncertainties, risks, and noise, we examine emerging technologies to uncover truths. We independently verify tech stack claims and KPI improvements by running pilots, evaluating code (e.g., “Is it really AI?”), and doing reference checks.


We are unbiased

We scour the emerging technology ecosystem for solutions, and we welcome all types. We like bootstrapped startups, women CEOs, Des Moines- and Tel Aviv-based companies. We also like the famous CEOs and VC-backed startups. In the end, we only care about outcomes and KPIs.


We believe in the network

We work with many Enterprises across industries. It’s a network—a community. A win in one Enterprise often translates to wins in many more. Sharing successes de-risks experiments for all network participants.


We believe in light-touch

We are not a consultancy or placement agency. We do not bill hourly or have a complex methodology that consumes time, materials, and resources. We like it when our meetings are short and to the point. We automate and remove costs whenever possible.


We believe in organic growth

We believe our customers will talk about us when we’re not in the room. To date, all our growth from word-of-mouth referrals. Not one salesperson is employed by Iterate. If we harm an enterprise or a startup, its leaders will stop working with us and tell ten friends. The flip side is also true.


We believe in the joy factor

Why not be happy? What's the point if we don't enjoy what we do every day? We believe each Iterator should be additive – contributing to the joy of invention, the joy of work, the joy of working together.

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