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People of all types are using voice to interact with content on phones and in-home devices. Voice is also used more and more inside cars.

Brands and industries have their own unique vocabularies. For example, a word like blush used in the context of beauty is different than the way you’d use it to talk about a boyfriend or girlfriend. Blush is also a brand name, a category name, and the name of a Nail Spa.

To create context, AI needs to be trained in the context of your brand. That’s the only way the machine can understand and relate to the human voice.


Iterate has created a custom voice vocabulary multiple times. Typically, we ingest data like customer care transcripts, product review information, and product descriptions into Iterate.ai’s AI engine. Then we use Tensorflow and Interplay to build.

custom vocabulary interface


This normally takes Iterate roughly two weeks.


You'll be surprised by what you can build with Interplay. It's a magical digital low code framework that is loaded with rich pre-wrapped AI components. Applications can easily be prototyped and deployed via the Interplay middleware. These deployments can scale to thousands of stores.

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