Touchless Checkout

Touchless Checkout


Touchless or frictionless payments allow customers to reduce contact with commonly used surfaces. This is increasingly important during COVID-19, but will also be after the fact, as consumer behaviours will likely shift towards contactless solutions that reduce the points of friction in their day to day purchasing transactions.


Touchless payment solutions need to identify the user, process the transaction, and deliver the service in a contactless manner. Using Interplay’s microservices platform we have integrated technologies like computer vision to match a person with an app and commerce and payment systems APIs.

These commerce solutions can be implemented as a standalone or enabled along with curbside pickup to deliver a frictionless experience. Iterate’s Touchless Commerce solutions are being used in production environments today.


Prototypes: 1 week, or less.

Deployments: Deployments can go quickly too, because our prototypes are deployed through our Interplay middleware platform.


You'll be surprised by what you can build with Interplay. It's a magical digital low code framework that is loaded with rich pre-wrapped AI components. Applications can easily be prototyped and deployed via the Interplay middleware. These deployments can scale to thousands of stores.

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