Next-Gen Platforms

Next-Gen Platforms


Competition is giving way to modular architectures and moving away from monolithic systems. Often, they are born in the cloud, API-enhanced, and they leverage best-in-class tools. Increasingly, the tools leverage emerging technologies such as AI-based personalization, AR virtual experiences, and blockchain loyalty capabilities. Modern architectures facilitate the need for speed and agility while offering an ability to integrate new tools as they emerge and evolve.

Legacy tech stacks hinder integrations of next-gen APIs, experimentation, and the adoption of best-in-class capabilities.


Iterate helps define and build Next-Generation Platforms for retail, D2C and real estate companies. This involves tight integrations with social platforms and modular architectures. Next-Gen Platforms usually leverage the cloud, microservices, and continuous delivery. This helps organizations make changes rapidly, safely, and reliably.

While Iterate advises companies on Next-Gen Architecture and Frameworks, we also provide tools that allow legacy systems to work with the newest technologies platforms, point solutions from startups, and open source solutions.

Partners and tools have included CommerceTools, TensorFlow, open source platforms, open source computer vision systems and many more. Often, we use Interplay to speed up development by 10X.


We built one large system (more than 2 million SKUs) in 11 days, using Interplay to integrate into legacy enterprise systems. The commerce platform was built from the ground up, product feeds to payments.


You'll be surprised by what you can build with Interplay. It's a magical digital low code framework that is loaded with rich pre-wrapped AI components. Applications can easily be prototyped and deployed via the Interplay middleware. These deployments can scale to thousands of stores.

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