Curbside Pickup

Curbside Pickup
Curbside Pickup
Curbside Pickup


People want to buy products from their favorite stores while limiting physical interaction. To stand up a curbside pickup solution, retailers need to integrate their commerce engines, payment systems, and merchandising feeds, with a user interface. Interplay helps you build a curbside solution that integrates enterprise components and commerce APIs into a seamless and integrated user experience.

A global company with more than $25 billion revenues and with 10,000+ physical stores, including franchises, had no online presence when COVID-19 crippled global commerce.

Some of the challenges faced include: lack of product feeds with product descriptions or pictures, no APIs for the POS, product assortments that varied by store, perishable products that made inventory counts difficult, complexities in sales-tax calculation, and store locations were difficult to identify as multiple stores exist in single zip codes.

To serve its customers, the enterprise needed to offer a curbside pickup ASAP and to do so, build core functions from scratch.


Iterate used Interplay, our proprietary development and middleware-platform. It's drag-and-drop, low-code environment vastly enhances the development speed, usually 10x faster. Interplay has 265 pre-built applications, so code for features like messaging were pre-loaded allowing for code reuse and speedy development. Iterate built a full e-commerce engine and a buy online pickup at curb capability. The solution included:

  • A consumer portal
  • A core commerce engine with shop by store capabilities
  • A messaging engine to alert store associates when customers arrive
  • An associate portal
  • Shop by store - the shopper knows what items are in the store in real-time
  • Location-based notifications - After an order is placed associates are notified when the customer arrives to pick up an item

Components of a Curbside Solution

Components of a Curbside Solution


11 days (including weekends) from the first discussion to launch.


You'll be surprised by what you can build with Interplay. It's a magical digital low code framework that is loaded with rich pre-wrapped AI components. Applications can easily be prototyped and deployed via the Interplay middleware. These deployments can scale to thousands of stores.

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