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Consumers are expecting conversations related to their purchases to happen online, anytime, anywhere. Customer-facing industries are leveraging chatbots to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, especially in customer service functions.

Customer Care call volumes are high. Customers are requesting access to loyalty account information or updates to shipping status. Customers are requesting prior purchases made in-store are credited to their loyalty account. Frequently asked questions continue to consume time from call agents. In order to stay ahead of the competition, it has become imperative Iterate Members are actively engaging with their customers 24/7.


Chatbots backed by machine learning can be used as an alternative to customer service agents. Iterate created a AI chatbot to provide 24/7 support, enhance the shopper experience and reduce customer care call volume.

Customers can now make a request via a social channel such as Facebook Messenger, or directly on a Iterate Member homepage or product detail page. The Chatbot is driving sales by leveraging the one-to-one experience a customer service agent would provide at a fraction of the cost. Customers can ask a simple question regarding store locations or hours or inquire about sizing information for a particular product. Customers can also take a picture of a receipt and make a request to add a prior purchase to their loyalty account.

The Chatbot created a 22% increase in conversation for shoppers who asked questions pertaining to a particular product.


You'll be surprised by what you can build with Interplay. It's a magical digital low code framework that is loaded with rich pre-wrapped AI components. Applications can easily be prototyped and deployed via the Interplay middleware. These deployments can scale to thousands of stores.

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