- Intelligent Retail Automation with an AI Stack built for retail


Mad Street Den’s AI stack for retail,, is an image and video recognition platform that is transforming traditional store and online retail businesses.’s value proposition is Intelligent Retail Automation. It provides automation with visual intelligence tools for the entire retail cycle - from buying, to designing, to product tagging, digitization, personalizing and selling. By enabling retailers to move from buying to production to sale exponentially faster, provides solutions for a very new and different kind of retail market - one where we enable omnichannel retailers to take on the digital natives. provides a product suite that targets solutions to multiple points across the retail value chain. With Artificial Intelligence that not only understands retail and shopper behavior, but also understands visuals - enables different functions of retail, while overcoming operational challenges at scale. For example, powers retailers with AI that automatically identifies product attributes from visuals; enabling them to map out all the colors, styles, patterns and visual aspects of it, instantly. The data coming out of this can further be fed into product tagging, warehouse workflows, or into a personalization engine that crafts shopper journeys by understanding how shoppers relate to that data and visuals across all channels. Thus, allowing data to flow seamlessly across all functions. Imagine having AI that can match your demand and supply because it finally maps visual data to user behavior to production data to market data.

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