SiteSage: Manage Assets, Operations, and Energy Enterprise-Wide


Powerhouse Dynamics uses cloud-based controls and analytics to deliver enterprise-wide energy and operational efficiencies to portfolios of small commercial facilities, including restaurants, convenience stores, retailers, and others. The award-winning Powerhouse Dynamics SiteSage platform reduces energy, maintenance, and repair expenses by connecting and centralizing control, analysis, and management of energy-consuming equipment. Engineered specifically for smaller facilities, SiteSage features powerful functionality delivered via simple online and mobile interfaces. The system continuously enhances efficiencies by controlling major loads, monitoring power consumption and the performance of individual pieces of equipment, and tracking gas and water usage. Patented analytics deliver actionable intelligence via diagnostics and alerts. SiteSage’s enterprise-wide benchmarking capabilities identify underperforming facilities and assets. Powerhouse Dynamics’ customers maximize energy and equipment maintenance savings and enhance food safety with minimal staff effort.

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