Health & Well-being


Provide more personalized health care and coaching through contextualizing care adherence, well-being coaching and assisted living services. Contextualizing health data and vital signs. The Sentiance platform enables continuous monitoring of health-related behavior in real time, enabling smart interventions and personalized coaching. Leveraging real-time insights into work/life style, physical and social activity, and other elements of daily life, we contextualize data from health trackers and enable health coaching to become hyper-personalized, proactive and preventative. And by detecting anomalies and evolutions in behavioral patterns we ensure better adherence and timely interventions. Personal and contextual care. Sensor derived activity and health data can help you align health care services and well-being coaching with real-life health and activity patterns, including detection of sudden or gradual changes in those patterns, allowing providers to personalize and contextualize their support and assistance depending on the observed habits and activities of an individual.

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