Connected Car


Personalize the end-to-end car experience by tailoring presets and recommendations based on driver profiles and real-time context. From connected cars to personal assistance. Car technology has traditionally focused on optimizing the vehicle’s internal functions, but attention is now turning to developing the car’s ability to connect with the outside world and enhance the in-car experience. From voice operated and smartphone connected infotainment systems, over mobile companion apps, to virtual cockpits with integrated car diagnostics and navigation systems, and ultimately systems that enable fully autonomous driving. This is the connected car—a vehicle able to optimize its own operation and maintenance as well as the convenience and comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity. The ability to connect smartphones to the car’s dashboard or infotainment system, and leverage behavioral data and real-time context awareness opens a wide range of new use cases that can make the driver’s experience more personal, practical and enjoyable. Optimizing the car journey: before, during and after the trip. Sentiance provides the intelligence to power highly contextual connected car services. By leveraging insights into behavioral patterns and real-time context, car OEM and technology providers can create personalized digital experiences during the car journey, as well as deliver relevant contextual assistance pre and post trip. These same insights can be used by content service providers or advertising platforms to contextualize their offerings to the in-car infotainment systems. By detecting and predicting car journey context, the in-car experience can be customized to fit the needs of driver and passengers. And the same intelligence can enable a seamless connection to the outside world, e.g. by linking the connected car to the smart home and remotely controlling in-home device settings.

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