Optimize your fleet through driver and rider tracking and smart mobility recommendations. Optimize the commuter experience by tailoring it to individual needs and travel patterns. User centric mobility. The future of mobility will evolve and shift from being car and transport centric to user centric. New modes of transportation and new concepts of mobility will emerge to address the growing challenges of traffic congestion. By placing the individual commuter at the center, new mobility services will be tailored to the specific needs and travel patterns of the user, while ensuring sustainable and safe transportation. Mobility-as-aservice will become the norm, with multimodal transportation, ride sharing and self-driving vehicles as increasingly popular options. Multi-modal and contextual profiling. Sentiance converts smartphone sensor data into real-life and real-time behavioral profiles, including rich insights into mobility, commute and driving patterns. By tracking multimodal transportation and individualized mobility profiles, heatmaps are being generated to provide a contextual view into trips and patterns, frequented places and common trajectories. Using the same sensor data multi-layered driver behavior profiles and scores are being generated, enabling quality-of-service and safety control, better insurance and maintenance solutions, and personalized driver coaching and assistance.

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