Smart City


Monitor commuter, visitor and resident behaviors to optimize urban experiences by providing personalized and real-time recommendations. Connecting people, things, and data. Smart cities look to improve the quality of life by connecting people, things, and data. Using IOT sensors connected to real-time monitoring systems, data are collected and analyzed from residents and devices. Analyzing behavioral data at scale can help urban planners better understand city dynamics by detecting activity patterns, predicting mobility flows and monitoring anomalies for real-time intervention. Smart cities enable residents to access information ranging from places of interest to mobility options and expected journey times, to real-time recommendations, all tuned to their behavioral profile and context. Mapping the citizen journey. Sentiance uses mobile sensor data to track and profile urban life of residents, commuters of occasional visitors. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms translate location and sensor data into a real-life and real-time picture of citizen daily activities. Smart City professionals can leverage these insights to create contextual ‘Smart Citizen’ services, linking real-time behavioral insights into a network of connected utilities and services, and a database of interesting places and events.

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