Leverage real-time behavioral data for enhanced risk profiling. Proactively coach your customers to live safer and healthier lives. Lifestyle based insurance - Insurers are increasingly looking at prevention over protection, making the capacity to analyze behavioral data in real-time more important. Customers are willing to share activity data in return for direct bene ts as well as coaching and services that can improve their driving and prevent accidents. From safer driving and healthier living to better-protected homes and fraud detection, insurers look to IOT data and solutions to individualize risk pro ling and create a deeper relationship with their customers. Using our proprietary platform, Sentiance turns IOT data into holistic behavioral profiles and real-time context. From detailed mobility and driver profiling to health and lifestyle patterns, our real-time behavioral insights enable insurers to manage risks more effectively and engage policy holders more personally, coaching and reward- ing safer or healthier behavior accordingly.

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