Virtual Dressing Room - Virtual Fitting Room


enseMi has the most sophisticated mirrors for Fashions stores, a revolutionary technology that would change the way people shop. SenseMi’s Virtual Fitting Room mirrors offer the smartest way to try on products and can exponentially increase the capacity of fashion stores to handle customers are at any given instance. Fashion items and fabrics from various brands can be loaded in the SenseMi Virtual Dressing Room Software and can be virtually tried on by the customers. The long queues outside trial rooms would be a thing of the past, in fashion stores with SenseMi Virtual Fitting Room app. The fabrics and products incurring damage with repeated trials is avoided and the products remain relatively unused and in pristine condition. Customers can use SenseMi to shortlist the products that they really need to try on and also try on products that may be unavailable or are out-of-stock at a particular store.

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