Passrock is a customer care solution that utilizes cyber-intelligence to reduce account fraud.


Account fraud is a growing problem. People create accounts on many sites they don’t actively use. Moreover, most people have on average 6 passwords they use interchangeably among 25 various websites they log into. That means that when one site is hacked, it affects you -- hackers try password and user combinations on your site from hackings that occurred on other sites. Passrock’s solution provides you real-time intelligence if your users’ accounts have been compromised, and a flexible customer-care toolset to act upon the intelligence. Designed by former NSA analysts, our dark web feed infiltrates hacker communities and collects data about your business and your customers. We provide a flexible toolset that allows enterprises in real-time to quickly and easily integrate the data into your existing workflow to increase customer satisfaction while reducing fraud related expenses. Your customers’ data will be compromised, and Passrock gives you a proactive toolset and intelligence to address this problem - help your customers, reduce fraud-related costs and avoid being a hacker target. Product Features: API Through the auto-aggregation of stolen customer information and credentials in hacker communities (paste sites, forums, private networks, chat and P2P networks), Passrock collects massive volumes of raw data, processes and interprets the data to provide customers their compromised user credentials in real-time. Dashboard Provides intelligence about stolen credentials to help you identify the root of the problem and assist your users. Software Agent Passrock's software agent runs on your hardware and connects to the API via SSL/TLS. The agent polls for new credentials every 30 seconds by making a GET request. The credentials are checked against your customer database and validity information is posted to the API. Agent enables optional locking/resetting valid accounts and emailing the valid accounts and/or internal departments. Services Passrock can check the account, lock the account, email the valid compromised users and/or your internal departments without any software agent. Integration Passrock offers a flexible integration approach. Based on the implementation approach chosen, the timeline ranges from a few hours to 2 – 3 weeks. The integration ranges from just providing access to Passrock’s Services to unique programming, based on the implementation approach. Product Benefits: OPERATIONAL SAVINGS Decrease expenses related to customer service, data theft, charge backs, and management issues. REVENUE RECAPTURE Mitigate revenue loss from canceled accounts, refunds, and write-downs. PROACTIVE PR Prevent negative PR that can anger users and damage your brand. LEGAL SAVINGS Reduce the potential for legal liability.

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