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Iterate Curators and Analysts offer many ways to explore the innovation landscape for your business, all powered by our proprietary data search and visualization platform, Signals.

Innovation Discovery

Iterate Signals listens, analyzes, and maps the emerging and established innovation landscape with real data

Realtime Trend Analysis

Get notified of changes in trend data in realtime, so you can always know when a trend’s momentum is hot or not

Actionable Insights

Iterate makes it easy to act quickly on the most substantial opportunities at  exactly the right moment

Contact us to hear more about how our team can use Iterate Signals to explore real innovation opportunities for your business.

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Signals POVs
Customized reports that reveal interesting and unexpected areas of strategic interest

POVs are reports created using Iterate Signals that take a snapshot of emerging trends in technology, business models and use cases, so you can keep a watchful eye on the competitive landscape.

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Opportunity Landscapes
Visual landscapes that map the playing field of innovation opportunity for your business

We’ll organize relevant data into a visual map of technologies, business models and use cases that define clear areas of focus for innovation in your category.

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Tours of the Possible®
An innovation showcase designed to drive executive team alignment around areas of opportunity and action

We’ll vet interesting startups based on your strategic roadmap and innovation goals, and bring representatives of the best in breed to your doorstep to present their technologies and ideas for solving your real business problems.

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