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We believe constant experimentation is the key to successful digital innovation but we also know the time and cost of legal and procurement administration, often means the difference between doing a pilot or not. This often results in halted innovation projects and lost momentum within the organization. Iterate's PilotPass program reduces the needless friction involved in digital innovation and removes these barriers to speed up establish proof-of-value.

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How does it work?

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When Iterate discovers an Emerging Technology that is proven to deliver solid KPI improvements for Enterprises, Iterate and the Emerging Technology enter into a PilotPass® agreement to streamline their ability to meaningfully engage with an Enterprise.

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The Emerging Technology passes an experimentation license to Iterate. Iterate then passes this experimentation license to our Enterprise Members, who can use it to perform a proof of concept in a development environment.

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Iterate navigates the Enterprise procurement process and enters an agreement with Enterprise Members that encompasses PilotPass solutions.


PilotPass delivers a faster, less costly, and less burdensome process for bringing Emerging Technologies to the Enterprise.

What does this mean for an Emerging Technology?

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As an Emerging Technology participating in PilotPass, Iterate is on the lookout for an opportunity to bring an innovative Enterprise to you who is interested in, and prepared, to experiment with your product.

What does this mean for an Enterprise?

PilotPass provides simplified Enterprise access to Emerging Technology trials without engaging procurement and legal multiple times.

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