Interplay Essentials

Create digital apps 10x faster and at 10x lower cost


AI-powered FAQs

Traditional FAQ’s are long and flat.There can be hundreds of questions and answers. Most have no natural language search. They make it hard for consumers to navigate the FAQs.


Support Magic

Point to any of the appliances in your house or scan their barcodes and it will provide support information/recalls etc. The app will also show how to videos for various home appliances.


Voice Purchase

Customers can order through Alexa and retailer shopping cart is connected to receive and process order. Delivery notifications will also be sent.


Chatbot App

Build chatbots that meet customer service use cases on Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and other environments. Interplay provides native chat components and NLP to build chatbots faster.


Order Shipping Status

Check status of a given Fedex or UPS order.


Attribute Magic

Compare product attributes and prices across popular retailers.


Blockchain Loyalty

Authenticate as a loyalty member and obtain crypto tokens in exchange via a bot.

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