Virtual Discussion:

Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 12 to 1 PM PST

Inspired by:

Michelle Pacynski, VP of Digital Innovation, Ulta Beauty


Join the discussion on the impacts of social networking and what thought leaders are doing to respond.

Michelle Pacynski

VP of Digital Innovation,

Ulta Beauty

Kristin Smith

SVP of Digital,

Hanna Andersson

Nicola Matthews

CEO and Co-founder,

Freshwater London

Tim McCue

Vice President North American eCommerce & Digital,

Jockey International, Inc.

Brian Sathianathan

Co-Founder / Chief Digital Officer, Iterate

Arte Merritt

AI Entrepreneur

MIT Graduate


The Social Dilemma has created a stir. TechDirt says, “I know that the documentary has generated widespread discussion - especially among those not in the tech space. But there's a problem with the film: nearly everything it claims social media platforms do - manipulating people with misinformation - the film does itself. It is horribly one-sided, frequently misrepresents some fairly basic things, and then uses straight up misinformation to argue that social media has some sort of godlike control on the people who use it. It's nonsense.”

Similar to the way Elon Musk fears the downside of AI, other tech leaders are concerned. Those fears are discussed in this 1.45 hour Netflix show.

This iOn debates what’s possible and what’s not; what’s likely and what’s not; and how to prepare for - or prevent - the problems highlighted in this docudrama.

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  • Attendees can type comments and questions as the event takes place
  • Questions based on the live feedback

Your involvement prior to each Virtual Event

  • Follow up discussions can be requested for individual member companies
  • Participant thoughts and contributions will be combined and added to a blog post after the event
  • This is an opportunity for individuals to showcase provocative thoughts, questions, and answers

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