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Illustration of Interplay lo-code module.

Low Code Revolution

By 2023, low code platforms will make up 80% of all software produced. Citizen developers and easy AI will emerge as part of this trend.


April 22, 2021

Book cover of Steven Johnson's book Where Good Ideas Come From.

Where Good Ideas Come From

Often, the best ideas come from unusual places and spaces. This disucussion sheds light on proven methodologies - ways that you and your organization...

Sensors, surveillance camera and smart phone.

Sensors & Edge Computing

Why and when sensors and edge computing replaces the cloud. It is real-time, involves AI, and becomes the gatekeeper to our personal identities...


Jan 28, 2021

Watch Webinar
Book cover of Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson's book Inclusify.


Engaging discussion with best-selling author, Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson about how diversity and inclusivity influence innovation...


Dr. Stefanie Johnson

Jan 14, 2021

Poster for The Social Dilemma.

The Social Dilemma

We debates what’s possible and what’s not; what’s likely and what’s not; and how to prepare for - or prevent - the problems highlighted in this docudrama.


Michelle Pacynski, Kristin Smith, Nicola Matthews, Tim McCue, Brian Sathianathan, Arte Merritt

People standing next to envelope representing communication.

Our Goal: IterateOn

Provide an environment of thought-provoking continuous learning by tapping into our co-op of partners, members, advisors, authors and iterate experts. This platform will also be used to introduce member networking opportunities.

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Event + Discussion Format

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Prior to IterateOn Events

  • Prior to a virtual event, it is encouraged that participants watch the docudrama or book that pertains to the upcoming event.
  • A week before the Virtual Event, Iterate will begin sending you requests for feedback. The feedback provided will allow us to assess how we can improve the quality of our virtual events going forward.

The Event

  • A 10 minute introduction where the moderator provides a synopsis of the feedback given by attendees.
  • Each speaker participating in the virtual event will be given 5 minutes each to present their take on a predetermined topic, and while the speakers are engaged in discussion, attendees have the freewill to comment and ask questions to the speakers.
  • After the virtual event has concluded, the speakers can address questions submitted by the attendees.
Teacher standing next to computer monitor that looks like a whiteboard.
Scientist standing next to laptop with rocket.

Post-Event Engagement

  • Follow up discussions can be requested for solo operated companies
  • Participant thoughts and contributions will be combined and added to a blog post after the event
  • This is an opportunity for individuals to showcase provocative thoughts, questions, and answers

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