The Opportunity Matrix

Organize the chaos of emerging technology into a landscape of solutions that fit your goals, your stack, and the needs of your customers.

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Digital transformation powers the success of enterprises in a rapidly changing landscape

Every market has a constantly evolving set of technology capabilities that contribute to an optimized digital ecosystem. Your guests engage in dozens of digital touchpoints across their journey with your products and services.

At, we have a treasure trove of over 1.2M emerging technology solutions at our fingertips. But making sense of which ones represent real opportunities for holding an edge in your category can be overwhelming.

The line between finding hidden gems and mining for fools gold can be razor-thin, and the burden of fully vetting the quality of solutions can be daunting. That's why we decided to develop the solution for finding solutions that really work.

Schedule a 30 min meeting with us and we’ll bring a custom Opportunity Matrix of 6 emerging technology solutions tailored to your business, absolutely free.

Organize the chaos of emerging tech inside your own Opportunity Matrix

We break down over 1.2M emerging technologies into landscapes of capabilities for each market, grouping them into foundational, web, in store and at home categories for easier targeting. Each capability contains an evolving set of companies that often deliver innovative, effective and easy to integrate solutions.

Tailor opportunities to your business

We work with you to understand and prioritize the biggest areas of opportunity for your current business, technology, and engagement goals, so we can hone in on solutions that will be a perfect fit.

Optimize your customer lifecycle

By mapping capabilities to critical touchpoints on the customer journey, we target the biggest opportunities for optimizing not only operations and revenue, but also engagement and loyalty.

Solutions you can trust

Our curation experts rigorously vet potential solutions with the help of proprietary, AI-driven software. Only the most secure, scalable, and performant solutions are recommended. Even if it's ahead of the curve or not widely adopted, it's a safe bet.

Schedule a 30 min meeting and get 6 solution recommendations absolutely free.

Don’t take it from us

Fortune 500s across industries are using the Opportunity Matrix to optimize and innovate within their digital ecosystems

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Schedule 30 minutes with us, and we’ll bring a matrix including 6 emerging technology recommendations tailored to your business and industry, absolutely free.*

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