rom victuelles

Rom Victuelles

Software Engineer

Innovation Platform and AI

Rom worked with big companies such as Apple, Cisco, Palm, as well as other startups. He developed software such as Logistics Management System for a big retail chain and its Inventory Forecasting system. He made several mobile applications that were on the frontend.

More About Rom Victuelles

An a-ha moment that changed my way of innovating was ...

I tried to be an entrepreneur and learn the realities of being in business. The engineering career is much more rewarding.

Qualities of an innovator
  • Experience
  • Commitment
  • Creativity

Fun Tidbits

Why work with Iterate?

As a seasoned software developer, building something end-to-end and seeing it used by users is very rewarding and motivating. Iterate enables you to try your ideas on solving problems on-hand, work without too many processes, and deliver solutions instantaneously.

You may not know about me ...

15+ Years ballroom dancer, intermediate ping-pong player, an avid photographer/videographer, has 30K youtube video channel subscribers, and an Electric Unicycle Enthusiast.

Most inspiring Leader-Innovator(s) ...

Steve Jobs

What school did NOT teach me ...


Free Time

Hking, biking, learning new tech, and van life.

Favorite Music and Movie?

Favorite Music

New Wave, Pop

Favorite Movie

Life is Beautiful

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