Marko Popovic

Marko Popovic

Software Engineer

Innovation Platform and AI

Marko is a college dropout who realized that the path to knowledge and skill is more efficient and cheaper if you invest your time in subjects that matter and learning current techs. With that mindset, he landed a government project in a year of his starting point. A few years later, he has grown work experience in machine learning, AI, e-commerce, and everything in between. Currently, he's a backend lead for the Serbian Iterate team.

More About Marko Popovic

Most Successful Innovation Project You've Worked On transcriber and word search engine

Most Inspiring Project You've Worked On At Iterate or Elsewhere

ESQuick and AutoCurate in Iterate

Three Most Important Qualities of An Innovator
  • Integrity
  • Ideas
  • Perseverance

Fun Tidbits

What do you like about working with Iterate?

The trust that Iterate puts in our Serbia team to develop and implement their ideas.

Interesting Thing People Might Not Know About You?

In my free time, I enjoy making custom keyboards and PC cases.

Most Inspiring Leader Who Was/Is An Innovator

Nikola Tesla

What Did School (College) NOT Teach You?

That even when you are right, you can't always speak your mind.

Free Time

Make stuff, draw, play guitar, train parkour.

Favorite Video About Innovation and Why

Do what you can't

Favorite Music and Movie?

Favorite Music


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