joanne wichern

Joanne Wichern

Innovation Success

Innovation Success

Joanne is a seasoned entrepreneur and ex-strategy consultant specializing in connecting brands to innovative technology solutions. She understands the struggles large enterprises face when moving quickly to keep up with the competition’s pace. She is an innovation leader passionate about changing the game to create sustainable high growth for the enterprise. She has significant experience in all early-stage business facets, including strategy, operations, fundraising, product development, and governance. Prior to Iterate, she worked at Goldman Sachs, Gap Corp, and PricewaterhouseCoopers leading highly strategic initiatives.

More About Joanne Wichern

Most Successful Innovation Project You've Worked On

Assisting on a massive acquisition effort at Goldman Sachs.

Second Most Successful Innovation Project You've Worked On

Launching Franchise Business for Gap Corporation.

Most Inspiring Project You've Worked On At Iterate or Elsewhere

Tours of the Possible sessions, immersion events, ideation sessions, virtual try-on, AI, Synthetic Reality, Site Assessments, Voice, Conversational Commerce, Appointment Bookings, Datawarehouse, 360 View of the Customer, SMS, Digital Screens, in-store navigation, to name a few.

Three Most Important Qualities of An Innovator
  • Curious, Inventive, Passionate
  • Story-teller, Collaborative, Respectful
  • Optimistic and Trust-worthy

Fun Tidbits

What do you like about working with Iterate?

I am enjoying working with entrepreneurs. I thrive on pushing myself to new extremes and surrounding myself around smart people who are creative and passionate about changing the world. There is nothing more enjoyable than uniting the emerging technology community to the enterprise and facilitating game-changing experiences!

Interesting Thing People Might Not Know About You?

I love watching stand up comedy and often listen to Kevin Hart radio.

Most Inspiring Leader Who Was/Is An Innovator

Grace Hopper

What Did School (College) NOT Teach You?

The importance of relationships.

Free Time

I am spending time with my three boys, husband, and two dogs

Favorite Books About Innovation and Why

One Favorite Book
The Invincible Company

Joanne's thoughts: I believe the five innovation myths are spot on. I also enjoyed how to continually reinvent yourself, compete on superior business models, and transcend industry boundaries.

Another Favorite Book
Exponential Organizations

Joanne's thoughts: I loved this book because it represents how we think at Iterate. We help Enterprises build Exponential Organizations (ExO). An ExO is an organization with a massive impact, about ten times more than its competitors, through the implementation of new technologies.

A Third Favorite Book
Good to Great

by Jim Collins

Joanne's thoughts: To build a great company, you need disciplined people (people focused on excellence), disciplined thought (ability to avoid distractions), and disciplined action (knowing what is essential to accomplish vs. what isn’t).

More Favorites

by Michelle Obama


by Tara Westover


by Min Jin Lee

Favorite Quotes About Innovation

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

~ Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

~ Arthur C. Clarke

Favorite Music and Movie?

Favorite Music

All types of music

Favorite Movie

Bridget Jones Diary or Tommy Boy

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