arul kumaran

Arul Kumaran Chandrasekaran

Engineering Head and Kernel Expert

Innovation Platform and AI

After becoming an expert on intrusion detection, vulnerability, and public key cryptography for major banks like Centurion and ABN Amro Bank, Arul joined Apple.

As part of Apple’s prestigious secret projects group, Arul helped invent the world's first smartphone – iPhone 1. On that initiative, he designed, developed, and implemented the security and activation platform cryptographically. He also developed a secure manufacturing environment that prevented the iPhone from being cryptographically attacked.

Arul left Apple to join the startup world as CTO of Avot Media which he took from the proof-of-concept stage to a successful M&A. When Avot was acquired by Smith Micro, a developer and marketer of both enterprise and consumer-level software and services, Arul became director of the video and voice businesses. There, he built on-demand and live streaming capabilities for companies like Sprint and Warner Bros.

Beyond his business acumen, Arul writes code in many languages – from the kernel-level code to Python.

More About Arul

My most successful innovation project was ...

iPhone - converting an electronic device to become a phone

Another eye-opening project I worked on ...

Iterate's Interplay - A DRAG & DROP platform to develop, deploy including AI, Video Conference & Voice Bot, etc.

An a-ha moment that changed my way of innovating was ...

As part of creating Digital signatures & securing email communications end-to-end, I invented a plugin to interact with any desktop client like Outlook and seamlessly created secure communications. It was a unique idea built almost two decades before its time.

My most inspiring project at Iterate ...

Changing the Node JS v8 core at the kernel level by creating a pool of threads and allocating tasks similar to a standard CPU scheduler ... but intelligently allocating and reallocating resources depending on computational needs in real-time --- i.e. lower CPU-intensive tasks vs. higher computational intensive tasks. This was invented as part of the Interplay core platform.

Qualities of an innovator
  • Think outside the box
  • Ask these questions: "Why is it needed? Why not something else?"
  • Evaluate concepts from a variety of perspectives
  • B.E. (Hons) Civil Engineering
  • M.S (Software Systems)
  • Video Streaming Apparatus with Quantization and Method thereof.
  • United States Patent #: 8,279,925Method And System For Streaming Live
  • Teleconferencing Feed To Mobile Client Devices.
  • United States Patent #: 8,782,270 Container architecture for modular machine learning
  • United States Patent #: 10,776,686

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