john selvadurai

John Selvadurai, Ph.D.

Applied Artificial Intelligence

Innovation Platform and AI | Strategy & Curation

John has earned a Ph.D. and three master’s degrees (an MBA, an MS in Computer Science, and an MS in Network Technologies) in addition to gaining startup and enterprise experience as a technology strategist and architect.

After extensive research, John proposed a new IoT framework for distributed computing based on swarm intelligence. It allows self-driving autonomous vehicles to exchange data using access points on the edge, rather than the cloud. It sped up vehicle reaction times by up to 40%.

He’s also published research papers in mobile commerce and mobile payment, and his research interests lie in IoT, Big Data, and AI.

At Iterate, John has been instrumental in the build-out of Interplay, our patented low-code middleware/dev platform, as well as Iterate's curation capabilities.

Before Iterate, John spent 12 years building large-scale enterprise software solutions at SunGard. He is well-versed in enterprise middleware – both designs and integrations. In addition to his enterprise experience, John also spent time in startups serving as the technical co-founder of a payment solutions provider. He architected an innovative mobile payment system.

Patents for

Patent granted

Modular Machine Learning [Drag and Droppable Quick AI]


United States of America

App. No. 10,776,686

Patent Pending

Indexing Entities Based on Performance Metrics

United States of America

Patent Pending

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More About John Selvadurai

My most successful innovation work ...

Building Iterate's Interplay Commerce Platform -- what we call ICP.

My most inspiring project at Iterate ...

A mobile payment system using various secure data exchanging techniques.

Qualities of an innovator
  • Be observant
  • Build without a fear of failure
  • Be decisive

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