brian sathianathan

Brian Sathianathan

Co-Founder | Chief Digital Officer, Chief Technology Officer

Innovation Platform and AI | Strategy & Curation

Brian started his career at Apple. For 6 of 8 years, he led iPhone and Intel Mac initiatives within Apple's very private Secret Products group. He led two core groups that designed the security and activation platform for the first iPhone, and he holds patents in those areas. Brian was initially hired by Apple for his software development and encryption skills.

Brian left Apple to found Avot Media, a video transcoding platform built for Mobile, where he was CEO. The customer list included companies like Warner Bros. Avot was acquired by Smith Micro, a public company based in Orange County. At Smith Micro, Brian became the head of the video business and was responsible for strategy, vision, and integration.

After Avot, Brian joined the seed-stage investment team at Turner where he sought out startups in the Social, Consumer, Advertising, and Recommendation spaces. Over two years, he made 13 investments, saw two of those companies be acquired (one by Apple).

Patents for

Patent granted

Modular Machine Learning [Drag and Droppable Quick AI]


United States of America

App. No. 10,776,686

Patent Pending

Dynamic Feature Loading [Custom Code Loading]

Patent Pending

Dynamic Landscape Creation on Collections [Technology Opportunity Mapping]

Patent granted

Developer Independent Resource Based Multithreading Module [Multithreaded Kernel]

Patent Pending

Developer Independent Resource Based Multithreading Module [Multithreaded Kernel]

Patents prior to Iterate

More About Brian Sathianathan

My most successful innovation work ...

iPhone. As part of Secret Projects, led the security and telecom initiatives for Apple's first iPhone.

Another eye-opener I worked on ...


Fun Tidbits

Why work with Iterate?

From my perspective, we are the only company in the world, trying to disrupt innovation through software, platforms, and ecosystems. I believe in Marc Andreesen's statement that software will eat the world. I believe the world of digital innovation is prime for this form of disruption. I am on a crusade to make that happen via Iterate's platforms and Interplay.

You may not know about me ...

I am very good at making mudslides. For my wife’s school reunion, the bartender was late, I jumped in and made mudslides for a few guests.

Favorite Books About Innovation and Why

One Favorite Book
Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber

by Mike Isaac

Brian's thoughts: I like this book because it walks through Uber’s rapid growth and its people's failures. Even with all its losses, Uber used software and growth hacking to disrupt the deeply established transportation industry. I got a real kick out of how they built "Greyball''. Our technology has far advanced and surpassed the laws, governments, and ecosystems in place today. We need to catch up fast.

Another Favorite Book
Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

by Safi Bahcall

Brian's thoughts: Its a very good practical guide book to create and manage innovation intititives. This book also covers the concept of "Phase Shifts" where innovative people under different cicumstances could become less innovative and vice-versa.

A Third Favorite Book
Losing My Virginity: How I've Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way

by Richard Branson

Brian's thoughts: This is the autobography of Sir Richard Branson on how built the Virgin Empire, its a wonderful innovation journey and a fun read.

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