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Our Curators, Analysts, and PhD Domain Experts use our purpose-built curation platform to dive deep into the waters of the startup ecosystem, grooming for real contenders who can bring your innovation opportunities to life without straining your organization.

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Ecosystem Mapping

Iterate Curate indexes 298,321 emerging technology solutions, usually from startups; they are organized into 2,333 Collections inside our platform; Iterate's Curators based on customized Member needs; This inform strategy and drives action.

Perfect Insights

Not all technologies are easy to understand. Not all technology providers tell the truth. Iterate's Curators do reference checks to back up claims made by startups and become short reports (Perfect Insights) that highlight capabilities, anticipate pitfalls, and predict the successes.

Oddball Solutions

Oddball Solutions Often, building a solution for a large company involves more than one tech provider. Iterate connects the dots between unrelated technologies -- looking beyond the obvious for differentiated opportunities. In recommending technologies, Iterate refreshingly is unbiased, too. Unswayed by funding or a VC's name, we only care about the tech strength and the ROI.

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